It wasn’t easy developing earlier than the other girls in school.  I took my fair share of name calling and was pretty shy about my curves until I got to college.  It was then I began to realize the power my breasts had over men – fellow students and professors alike.  I didn’t have to worry about getting D’s in class as long as I had DD’s in my bra.  Let’s just say I learned a lot during those years – mostly about how to get what I want. That's why I love big titty phone sex.

Even though I am no longer a college student, my ability to use my body to turn men into weak little boys is as strong as ever.  It doesn’t matter whether I am in the grocery store or the gym…I own every man who lays eyes on me.  Sure, they don’t stand much of a chance since I enjoy flaunting my tits in tight and revealing outfits.  But why should I play fair?  After all, use it if you got it, I always say.

I have found that it works just as well on the phone.  When a man knows he is talking to a big busted beauty such as myself, he can’t help but get weak for me.  If he is a true man I might allow him to use my breasts for his pleasure.  But if he isn’t a man where it counts the most, then I will just use what I have been blessed with to turn him into my willing slave.  Regardless of which one you will turn out to be, I know you can’t resist big tit phone sex.

Call me at 1-888-627-8949 and ask for Zona!!! I can't wait to share my big boobs with you!